Thursday, October 20, 2011

Romare Bearden The Painter Oct. 29 to Dec. 3 An Exhibition Of Watercolor and Oil Paintings

Two But Not Two, Watercolor, 1987

Bearden is primarily recognized for his collages, although he is a master water colorist as well. In fact, his exhibition of watercolor work at the prestigious Samuel Kootz Gallery in New York, in the 1940's, was highly lauded and secured his reputation in the art world. His cubist style works rendered planes of jewel-toned watercolor articulated with dynamic, linear detailing in India ink. The black line and intense color call to mind the French artist Georges Rouault (1871-1958). The Harlem Renaissance patron, Carl Van Vechten, did declare Bearden to be "The Negro Rouault". Bearden's paintings that are mainly in watercolor, have received disconcerting muted attention. To a degree this is due to the fact that in the hierarchy of the fine arts establishment, watercolors lack the prestige of oils or collages. However, during the final years of his life, Bearden returned to using watercolors as a prime medium. The works on paper in this exhibition explore several themes employing southern roots, conjure people, jazz musicians, and rural and lush Caribbean landscapes. Romy was modern artist contributing to the contemporary canon and its development, and his work was an expression of his personal journey as an African American.

Marcia Kure
Photomontage Portraits
Born in Nigeria, Marcia Kure has had nine one-person shows and over forty exhibitions in Nigeria, Germany, the united States, Spain , the Netherlands, United Arab emirates, Japan, Canada, Austria, and Switzerland. She has exhibited at The New Museum in New York, The Newark Museum, The 7th Sharjah Bienniale, The Spelman College Museum and the 2nd Seville International Biennial curated by Okwui Enwezor. The Dressed Up series is a set of Photomontages of models and hip-hop performers in Victorian dress resulting what the New Yorker Magazine described as "Romare Bearden meets Wangechi Mutu".

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